Theresa is a stuffed unicorn who lives in Myrom.


Theresa is a young unicorn, and she is still very small. She is mostly white, except for her pink horn and hooves. Not even Mystic's brush can tame her wild mane, tail and feathering. The mane and tail have blue sparkling strands of hair in them. Her horn is not only pink, but has small silver dots on it.


The best word to describe Theresa is a total tomboy. She goes where she pleases, wandering through the land around Myrom and often getting lost. She loves playing tricks on people, and can often be seen snickering quietly as she watches a door where she has set up a booby trap. She usually drags her friends into her tricks too, getting them into trouble as well. She loves roughhousing as well, and her greatest wish is to run away to Neverland and never grow up. She also likes to dress up a lot, usually as either a superhero or a cowboy.

Skills and Abilities


Theresa is very nimble and light on her feet. She usually has to get practice every day, running away from some angered Myromian.


Theresa has very little magic at the moment, still being young. However, she has enough to levitate an object for a short time, as well as deliver a slight electric shock.



Theresa has only scorn for Mystic, she being a grown-up and therefore not worthy to be noticed. She has occasionally to listen to a lecture about "the good old days", which she usually gets out of as quickly as possible. Not even Mystic's brush can tame Theresa's hair, although her cookies can sometimes overcome Theresa's disdain for grown-ups.

Sad Black

They say opposites attract, but still nobody knows how two such completely different animals became best friends. However, wild, tomboyish, loud, outgoing Theresa somehow managed to like quiet, paranoid, fearful, meditative Black. They have been friends ever since they could remember, and even Theresa is gentle around Black. They like to sit by a fire or in a field, talking. People wonder, but anything that keeps Theresa out of trouble seems like a good thing to them.


  • Her name used to be Snow White, but it was changed to start with the same letter as my name. Also, I always wanted to be called Theresa.
  • She came in a little lavender purse with flowers on it.


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