Not to be confused with Strawberry

Strawberry is a pink bear. She is one of Peony's animals.


Strawberry is a medium-sized teddy bear with coral pink fur and a white heart on her tummy. Her muzzle, paws and feet are also white and she has a pink heart on her left footpaw. Her eyes are brown.


One of the oldest of Peony's stuffed animals, Strawberry's fellow plushes often look to her for guidance, which she gives willingly.

However, she is very shy and prefers to spend her time reading, baking or chatting with Baby, the most precious of Peony's animals. A stuffed animal is lucky if they're granted an audience with this bear.


  • Strawberry was my first ever Build-a-Bear.
  • Strawberry has magnets in her paws so they can clasp together or to her mouth, which also contains magnets.

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