Sting Fly is a stuffed bumblebee who lives in Stuffville.


Sting is a normal bumblebee. She is yellow and black striped, with yellow wings and black antennae. She has a black nose, but no sting.


Sting is always happy and optimistic. She is also smart. She usually looks on the bright side, but sometimes she is in a bad mood and is very pessimistic.

Skills and Abilities

Dust Cloud

If a bad person is coming, Sting can lie on her back and flap her wings to make a dust cloud. This confuses her enemies so she can get away quickly.


Pillow Pets

Sting is best friends with the other Pillow Pets. She, Mystic, Chocolate, and Vanilla visit each other almost every day and really like each other.


  • Sting likes to fly, but she can't do it properly yet. She is in flying school.
  • She is a fake pillow pet, which means she wasn't made by My Pillow Pets.
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