Silver is a Rain Snail. He is one of Peony's animals and lives in Mirkwood.


Silver is a small snail, his length being a little less than half a foot. He has short, pale pink fur and a pastel rainbow shell. Atop his head are two sparkly, pink feelers and there are two smaller feelers on his face. His eyes are sky blue.


Being the oldest of the current race of Rain Snails, Silver possesses great knowledge and skill. He has the power to control rain and sun, the most precious elements to nature.

Despite his power, however, Silver is a kind and simple creature and enjoys watching the younger rain snails play with raindrops and sunrays when he is not teaching his apprentices his trades.


  • I'm not sure why I named him Silver. Maybe it's because his shell has a silver sheen to it. :P
  • Silver is my only Beanie Baby.

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