Mystic is a stuffed unicorn who lives in Myrom.


Mystic is an average-sized unicorn with a lavender coat and a short, light pink mane and tail. Like all unicorns, she has a horn, which is pink. Unlike medieval unicorns, she has a horse-like tail and non-split hooves, making her more like a horse with a horn than a true unicorn. She walks on four legs, and has short legs and a short, blunt muzzle. She also has longer than average hair and short, rounded ears. Her nose has shorter hair than the rest of her body and is white. Around her eyes are black ovals which make her look almost like a raccoon, although they are usually covered by her hair.


Mystic, being a unicorn and the oldest of the inhabitants of Myrom, is more like a mother or grandmother to all than anything else. She will give you advice even if you don't need it, reprimand and scold you ceaselessly. But underneath she has a good heart. She will help you with your problems and show the new arrivals around. If she were a human, she would always have a batch of cookies in the oven for the children. As it is, she is always there for you with a smile and some sugar cubes.

Skills and Abilities


Mystic, like all unicorns, has a magical horn. She can heal small wounds with it and make it glow with a faint pink light.


Mystic can run surprisingly fast for her age. Those short legs can make her almost fly! But who knows, maybe her horn has another ability ...



Mystic has a special relationship with Matto. They are neighbors, and Mystic will sometimes ask Matto over to tea. She can usually bring Matto to sit quietly at the table with a cup of tea and biscuits, and they enjoy listening to each other's stories. She pays special attention to Matto's fur, and almost the only time Matto is clean is when he comes back from visiting Mystic.


Mystic is very concerned about Theresa's wild impulses of youth, and is always trying to make her grow up. She feels responsible for her, and frequently says that "when I was young, I never did that" or "in my day, we always did this". She is usually answered by a cheeky grin and a glimpse of Theresa's tail as she gallops away.


  • Her name was originally going to be ... Butter ... *dies* Butter, because she's a uniCORN? Get it? No? OK then ...
  • Mystic is a Pillow Pet®, which means she is a pillow with a head, a tail, and a velcro strap on the side so she can fold up into a pet.
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