Myrom is a small town where all of Tess' stuffed animals live. Stuffville is near Myrom, and there are lots of comings and goings between the two towns.



In one corner of Myrom is the Skyscraper, where most of the animals live. It's a very tall house that can only be reached by a ladder. Beside it is the Stack, a 6 floor apartment building where most of the smaller animals live. In the opposite corner to the Skyscraper is the urban quarter, where animals live in houses very close together. Most of the model horses live there too. However, due to renovations, all the inhabitants of the urban quarter have moved to the Skyscraper. It is unknown when they will move back. Opposite the Skyscraper is another, smaller apartment building called Clear. There are also a "Quiet House", a library, and two climbing walls. Near the climbing walls is the Kennel.

Real Life

The Skyscraper is my bunk bed, of course. The Stack is an orange hanging storage net like this, the urban quarter is some shelves and drawers in the corner, and Clear is a shelf with four drawers stacked above each other. The Quiet House is a beanbag chair under my bed, and the library and climbing walls are bookshelves. One with books, the others without. The Kennel is an old shoebox.

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