Koko is a stuffed rabbit living in Prinimal.


Koko looks much like Cherryblossom, except for the colour. She is yellow with a white back and face.


Koko is generous, sharing a lot with her friends. But when in great danger she fights like a ninja. She is first place in ninja class and she even teaches her own little group. She is kind of a superhero.

Skills and Abilities

Martial Arts

Koko uses her ears, because her arms are too short. They're like straight hands, and she uses them to defend herself and others with karate, kung fu, boxing, and other martial arts.


Chung Nao

Chung Nao is Koko's arch-enemy. He has tried to kill her multiple times, but she beat him every time. But she's noticed that he keeps getting stronger and stronger.


Cherry is Koko's sister. Although they live in different towns, they send letters to each other and meet each other often.


  • Although Koko seems brave, she is actually more scared than anybody else.
  • I (the R) got her name from a tag under her left arm. None of her siblings have a tag.
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