A list of all the Dragon Riders.


Robbie was the first Cuddletowner to train a dragon, which was Boiler. He found the young Scauldron in the river, it has lost its way, so he trained it, and he and his brother rode it together, until Roland trained his own Nightmare, Hookfang. Then when Boiler grew bigger, he was too large to live comfortably in the river, so Robbie had to release him into the ocean, then trained another Nightmare, Fanghook. Jordan and Jess got jealous of their dragons, of course, so got their own Nadders, and soon many of the Dibbuns and small ones had dragons.


Rider Dragon Dragon Species
Jordan Rattlespike Deadly Nadder
Benny Odin Thunderdrum
Robbie FanghookBoiler Monstrous Nightmare


Roland Hookfang Monstrous Nightmare
Robyn Sizzle Changewing
Agatha Windshear Razorwhip
Anna Lunawing Night Terror


Rider Dragon Dragon Species
Jess Stormfly Deadly Nadder
Stoick Skullcrusher Rumblehorn
Valka Cloudjumper Stormcutter
Sandy Chirp Terrible Terror
Dick Thornado Thunderdrum
Vicky Venom Common or Garden
Edith Windwalker Windwalker
Ruffnut Barf Hideous Zippleback
Tuffnut Belch Hideous Zippleback

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