Not to be confused with Mömax, X-Girl, X-Man, or Xie

Backpack is a stuffed monster who lives in Stuffville.


Backpack is a purple monster. His mouth is always wide open. He has black shoes with white shoelaces. He used to wear a backpack, but now he lost it. It had random things in it.


Backpack is always very angry, but no one knows why. Some animals think he had a bad day. Others think he made something new, but then it broke. Others think that's the way he was born.

Skills and Abilities


Backpack is really scary sometimes. Everybody is scared of him except for Fancy, because she's way bigger than him.



Since Fancy's way bigger than Backpack, she sometimes accidentally steps on him. Then when Backpack gets up again, he's angrier than before.

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