Aslan is a stuffed lion who lives in Myrom.


Aslan is small for his age, but not lacking in heart. He has golden-brown fur, but his belly, paws, muzzle and tail are light creamy-brown. His short mane and the tassel on the tip of his tail are both reddish-brown.


Aslan is cheerful, optimistic, bright, and fiercely protective. Though he may be small, he is dogged and stubborn, and will hang on to an idea for a while. He is also very wise, and usually comes up with good ideas. He can normally keep a cool head, but when one of his friends is in danger, he will go practically berserk.

Skills and Abilities


Aslan has a condition similar to Bloodwrath; if one of his friends is in danger, he will go berserk, breaking chains, snapping swords, and killing all he can get his paws on. Although it can be seen as a negative ability, as he has sometimes been known to accidentally injure his friends while in this state, it can be very useful in times of danger.


Rattley & Sammy

Aslan hates Rattley; he's had a loathing of snakes ever since the attack. Although they usually just stay out of each other's way, it will sometimes come to a head and Bigshell will have to step in.


  • I won't even say whom I named him after ...
  • I don't even know where I got Aslan, although I vaguely remember playing with him at my grandparents' house when I was very young.
  • I made a short video about him once with my dad XD It was called "Hiss", and it was about how I knocked over a game about snakes (coicidentally called Hiss), and the snake pieces all started moving and going together to a snake. Luckily, I had Aslan with me, and he killed the snake and ran off with its head before it could bite me. And that's where his fear of snakes comes from.
  • I might write a story about that movie ...
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