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• 12/26/2016


So how was everybeast's Christmas? Hope you all had a great time and got good presents!!! =D Over here we had a White Elephant party and a (attempted) Christmas play! :3 I'll be posting pictures in a bit here, as soon as I get the pictures on the confuser. ;)
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• 11/9/2016

Quote game

I just came up with this the other night... so first we start with a word, for example, "Toiletpaper", The next person has to say a quote from a book, movie, or show that has that word in it. Like, "Food! Water! Toiletpaper...." (from The Three Diablos XD) then you say another word for the next person. Pretty simple. =) The quote can be from anything, and you can put what it's from if you want too. Here's a word to start:
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• 11/9/2016

Dragon Training Academy

Jordan: Welcome to the Cuddletown Dragon Training Academy! I'm Jordan, and this is my Deadly Nadder, Rattlespike. I'll be your instructor.
Robbie: Hey hey hey, we decided I should be the teacher.
Jordan: No, we didn't. I'm teaching here. So, anyone from Myrom want to join?
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• 9/23/2016

When do you go to bed?

I was just wondering. I get into bed at nine on weekdays (although I usually don't get to sleep until late), ten on weekends, and whenever I want in the holidays.
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• 9/14/2016

Dagur here

Hey guys!! Dagur here, using Heather's account since I don't have my own. ;) So.. hi!!! *waves*
*facepaw* Okay that was more awkward than I meant it to be... >.<
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• 9/12/2016

First Post

Welp, here is the first post on the Discussions board! XD Pretty cool, huh? :)
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• 9/8/2016


So there is a new feature available, called Discussions. If you haven't heard about it, you can read about it here. I think this looks really cool, do you think we should get it on this wiki? :D
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• 8/29/2016

Train of Thought

This is a game I saw on the Berk's Grapevine forum, so I thought I should start one here cause I liked it. ;D  What you do is read the previous word posted, and post the first word/phrase that pops into your head. Don't lie, unless it ends up being something inappropriate, and if that is the case, do the second thing. XP
I'll start.
Stuffed animal
(why not XD)
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• 8/26/2016


I'm new.
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This post is locked.
• 8/26/2016

New Board

I just made a new board on the forum, where new users can make a thread to introduce themselves, to reduce spamming. ;) Also stuffed animals can introduce themselves, using their owner's account if they do not have their own. :D
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• 8/25/2016


Can anybody help me set up my planned town, please?
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• 8/22/2016


Thought I might as well start a dreams thread here too. Share your wierd/cool/funny dreams here!
Last night, I had a dream that Heather and I were chatting on two different wikis at the same time. I was about to send something, when suddenly my sister (the R) appeared in the chat. I have no idea how she got a wiki account, because she isn't even 13, but whatever.
So I wanted to say hi to her. But first I had to delete everything that was in the text box already. And while I was doing that, the chat window switched to the other one, on Peromia wiki I think. So I wanted to say hi to her there, but I again ha to delete everything, and again the window switched. It kept going back and forth, and I never got a chance to say hi.
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• 8/20/2016

Bored Again...

I'm bored... :P *I walk into Myrom* Hellooo, anyone wanna do something fun and cool??? *I go to Middle-Earth* Helloooo, anyone wanna do something fun and cool??? *sighs*  Skipper is gone right now, so I'm free. XD
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• 8/20/2016


This is a thread for announcing inactivity. If you will be on holidays for a period of time, you can make a post here and say that you might not be able to answer messages during this time. It is recommended that all active users on this wiki watch this thread, so that you know if someone is not going to be reachable.
New rules: when you come back, tell everyone about your trip!
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• 8/12/2016

My Activity

Just so you know, I am going to be gone from tomorrow to Sunday, at a family reunion camping trip. ;)
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• 8/2/2016

Funny Stories

Thought I'd start a thread on here to tell funny stories. It can be something that happened to you, someone else, or a stuffed animal. :)
At my birthday party, one of my friends was helping light the candles on my cake, and when she blew out the match she was using, she accidentally blew out some of the candles too and we all cracked up!!! XD
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• 7/21/2016


I thought I would start a game on here, it's called Excuses, and in case you do not know how to play, I will tell you. ;) So one person starts by saying someone has to do something, then the next person makes up an excuse why they can't do it, and also says something the next person has to do. Like this:
Person 1: You have to clean out the chicken house.
Person 2: I can't, I'm allergic to chickens. You have to ride my brother's bike off a cliff.
Person 3: No way, I'm scared of hieghts. You have to make dinner for me.
And so on and so on, like that. It can be a good excuse, or a lame one, and they can be as ridiculous as you want. ;D I'll start.
You have to take my 3 goats out for a walk.
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• 7/4/2016

Category Battle

So, I set up two award tracks: one for Tess's Animals and one for Heather's Characters. We each try to get more awards than the other. Other users can pick a team.

It has to be an actual edit! No adding a letter, deleting it again and submitting. Not that you'd do that, but still. XD
You can always edit the other team's pages if they need it.
Uh ... have fun!
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